Saturday, November 01, 2003

Froggy bloggy.

The Day of the Dead. Now that's a festival that would be worth importing from Mexico. It's getting more play in the English-language media up here in North America than it used to, so I guess the importation is already under way. But what it really needs to get things going is a sponsor, like Cinco de Mayo has Corona Beer. But who would want to sponsor death?

Rec'd an e-mail from Kevin D. not long ago: "I was in Wal-Mart the other day and they had for sale on DVD two Hammer flicks for $5.88 each. I was amazed because these retail for $19.99. Anyway I picked up for my Halloween viewing Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell and Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter. Two fine, fine movies.

"Anyway, (this is the part that you might find interesting), I kept digging through the stack and found, for the same price, the ecological disaster classic Frogs. So of course I just HAD to buy it. I remember we talked about this flick once, thought you might find it interesting."

Wow, Frogs. Now that takes me back... to a noisy, crowded theater in those pre-VCR, pre-Internet, prepubescent days of yore. Saw it at age 11 or so on a triple bill with Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster and The Incredible Two-Headed Thing (Monster?). The latter was the story of a white bigot's head transplanted to a black body, with the original head intact. Or vice versa. But Frogs. The image of an old man in a wheelchair being smothered by piles of frogs is something that just stays with you.


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