Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Child development blog.

"Daddy," Lilly said when I got home this evening, "let's play bank. I'll be the professor, and you be the helper."

Professor? "What’s a professor?" I asked her. I'd never heard her use the word. But it must have come up somewhere, and attached itself to the game of bank. Which we've played before -- it involves passing an advertisement for check printing around, and signing a piece of paper repeatedly. But I never got her to say what a professor might be.

As far as I know, my first experience with that word was probably from Gilligan's Island, which might help explain my lack of awe at the academic professions. That, or some of the classes I later sat though.

As for Ann, her new activity is clapping. Saw it this evening -- all of us -- for the first time. She can hit her hands together and make a noise. This is pure delight for her. She-s also liberal with her syllables these days, but the ones I really like to hear are "da-da-da-da."


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