Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Duncan blog.

All in an editor's day. The following is an e-mail I sent to's correspondent in Detroit. I'm responsible for editing his stories and publishing them at the, which contains commercial real estate news 'round the clock.

I forwarded that third story to our SE bureau chief -- it's really a Florida story -- but you don't need to replace it.

Also, in the second story, published just now, I changed Duncan Doughnuts to Dunkin' Donuts. But it occurred to me that it might be something local: good ol' Duncan Doughnuts, the Detroit area's only Scottish doughnut shop. If I need to change it back, let me know.”

It's good to keep business correspondence as interesting as possible. I like the idea of a Scottish doughnut shop. Ask for the haggis-filled manager's special.

In Japanese bakeries of virtually every stripe, you can buy a thing called a curry doughnut. What a discovery that was. No part of it is sweet. Browned by frying on the outside, it's soft on the inside, and a spicy brown curry resides at its core An enormous amount of fat, I'm sure, and heartburn later on, but boy they're good going down.

My favorite spot for curry doughnuts used to be the Cascade Bakery, near the main promenade of Hanshin Station, Umeda, in the heart of Osaka. Even now, I can get one in Arlington Heights, Illinois, if I’m so inclined. I know at least two Japanese bakeries in that town that sell them. But it’s been a while.


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