Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Calendar blog.

Busy day at the editing sawmill. Cutting wordy logs to fit the needs of the magazine all day, with clouds of excess word-dust and stray syllables all over the floor. No time to sweep 'em up.

Got my new DayMinder brand 14-month desk calendar yesterday. Ruled Daily Blocks. 16 Page (sic) Memo Section. (That should be 16-Page; I'm an editor just so I can notice such itty-bitties.) Anyway, this is an important bit of information storage technology to me. Palm pilot? Bah. Give me a paper calendar any time.

The calendar makers didn't take my suggestions about reinstating the Australian and New Zealand holidays. In terms of holidays and other notable days, nothing has been changed from 2003 that I can see, except that September 11 has acquired the name "Patriot Day." I must not have been paying attention, so I ran that phrase through Google, and sure enough, that's what the President has been calling the day, in two successive proclamations last year and this. The calendar-makers must not have noticed in time to add it to the 2003 calendars, but by gar they got it in 2004.

Patriot Day? A day worth remembering, surely. In the way that Pearl Harbor Day is making a comeback, on calendars at least. But can't we call September 11 something else, something as solid as Pearl Harbor Day? Something that doesn't sound like it came from a joint holiday committee of the DAR and the Daughters of the Confederacy? Besides, if I remember right, Massachusetts has Patriot's Day already, April 19, for the anniversary of Lexington & Concord.


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