Monday, January 31, 2005

Different Dr. Phil blog.

Last Thursday I got something over the transom, again, a misdirected message from some weird planet orbiting that pointlessly effervescent supergiant of a star, celebrity journalism.

“Dear Mr. Stribling:

”Jury selection for the Michael Jackson trial begins Monday, and this case is certain to be quite a spectacle, requiring acute legal interpretation of all the proceedings.

”DecisionQuest's Dr. Philip Anthony is available for commentary on all aspects of the Jackson trial.

• What's the ideal profile for a pro-Jackson jurist? A pro-prosecution
• What's the jury pool likely to look like?
• What sorts of questions will the potential jurors be asked?
• How can this case be tried fairly by a jury given the extensive coverage given to this case?”

A little later, DecisionQuest is called “the nation's leading trial consulting firm,” so I suppose I’ve on a computerized list used by flacks who’re in the pay of DecisionQuest. Someone there might even think I care about the trial, but I doubt it’s anything so personal.


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