Thursday, January 20, 2005

Visible assets blog.

Attending a real estate function today, I met an employee of a certain well-known real estate company hereabouts, and I noted that she—for she was a she—fit the physical profile of female employees of this particular company. At least in my experience. I’ve visited company HQ a number of times over the years, and interviewed or met with its executives too (all men). Regarding the female employees there, every jill one of them that I ever saw, from the receptionist on up, was a blondish woman with… upfront assets. Funny what you notice, even if you’re not especially partial toward blondes.

Light snow all day today. More is promised, though by some stroke of luck a really big downfall isn’t supposed to be until tomorrow night, when we householders will be safe at home, and not worrying about going anywhere Saturday morning. Cartoons with the kids, even the animated dreck now offered in the kid-vid ghetto, look pretty good with a foot of snow on the ground outside. Lilly will also insist on sledding on the slopes of a catchment we know, but that won’t be until later in the day.

A couple of weeks ago, we put Ann on a little platform and sent her down the gentlest of those slopes. Her first experience with the winter sports that her parents, warm-climate people, never knew. But toddlers don’t have the practicalities of snow fixed in their minds yet, so as soon as she reached the bottom of the catchment, she put her bare hands directly into the powder. Cold hands resulted, followed by cries of pain and incomprehension. Snow = cold. Even the most elementary things must be learned sometime.


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