Thursday, December 09, 2004

Choco-fountain blog.

Today’s small marvel: a fountain of chocolate. There it was, the main attraction at the dessert table at the annual Christmas (Holiday) party of the Association of Industrial Real Estate Brokers, in one corner of a well-appointed event space near O’Hare. The chocolate was liquid, thick but not too hot, and flowing from the top down three levels, after which I suppose it circulated back.

The idea was to create fondue, which I did, using bits of cake on a skewer, though marshmallows, apples, soft cookies and other items were available. The chocolate coated these things richly. Fun to make, a pleasure to eat, and just a soupcon of decadence.

The event hall was atop one of a cluster of five-story buildings sandwiched between O’Hare and one of the expressways that runs near the airport. The cluster had a name, the O’Hare Aerospace Park, which suggested something grander than a collection of dowdy 1970s offices.

But from the access road that ran near the cluster, you have a perfect view of one of the flight paths into O’Hare. And O’Hare, as all the world knows, is busy. I saw the underside of three planes as they roared by, in as many minutes. A somewhat bigger marvel, that.


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