Sunday, November 28, 2004

Dragon blog.

Vacation’s over, the Thanksgiving Eve snow has melted, the turkey has been reduced to leftovers and soup. I went for days and days without writing a single word or connecting to the Internet, which represented sorely needed down time.

I did watch some TV, of course, and I had enough free time to devise a scene for Dragon Tales that I really want to see. People without small children will probably not know this cartoon, full of happiness and color and giggles and self-esteem exercises for the whelps, but it’s enough to say that in each episode a brother and sister wish themselves into Dragonland, where they frolic with friendly dragons.

Too friendly, if you asked me. Just once I’d like to hear this:

Max (the brother): “Ord, what’s that book you’re carrying?”

Ord (the dim blue dragon): “Oh, this is a cookbook. I got it from the Dragon Library, where they have lots of wonderful books.”

Emmy (the sister): “Yeah! They do! What’s the cookbook called?”

Ord: “Uh, let’s see. To Serve Man.

At which point Ord eyes the two kids lingeringly.


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