Thursday, November 18, 2004

VS blog.

Tomorrow is Lilly’s seventh birthday, and in honor of the day, I will skip posting, but take it up again on Sunday before taking off Thanksgiving week, when I will do no for-pay work either.

Lilly’s getting a party on Sunday, at home like last year, with a half-dozen or so little girls, some parents, a few activities, food, a Costco sheet cake (personalized) and presents. I resisted Chuck E. Cheese and its ilk.

Still warmish, with gray skies all day and rain in the evening. Winter can continue like this till March for all I care, but there would probably be a serious ecological downside to that, so I guess real winter must come.

Today I wrote an article about Limited Brands, the multifaceted retailer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and parent company of Victoria’s Secret. As part of the research for the article, I got to visit the VS web site on company time. Genuine research, I tell you… one of the company execs referred to the success of the new “It” bra, and I had to figure out what that was, among other things. Sometimes the retail beat has its charms.

VS is doing well, by the way. Some of the other Limited Brands’ brands, not quite as well. “It’s because,” Gail in my office said, “they decided a few years ago they wanted to sell to teenager girls.” Dangerous and cutthroat territory, that must be.


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