Friday, April 16, 2004

Office space blog.

I go on about the weather. But it's warm. Warmest day since sometime in September, this was. Walked around downtown today in short-sleeve shirt, just because I could. Even now, much closer to midnight than noon, I can open the back door without getting a waft of chill in my face. This is good.

Still, I spent a lot of the day in an office. Words must be put on paper next month, certain kinds of words and not others, and I'm responsible for them. But I didn't mind so much. Just knowing that I could leave my coat on the hook when I wanted to go out made my day.

Other professions have different rhythms. The accountants down at the end of the hall on my floor at the Civic Opera Building -- let's call them Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga & McCormick -- closed up shop all day today. Didn't even come by to collect their mail or newspapers. April 15 was done. They were responsible for putting numbers on paper, certain kinds of numbers and no others, and I'm sure a tsunami of numbers has been washing over their desks lately. Now they wanted to spend some time on their backsides. Can't blame them.

Across the hall, a vacant office, empty since an import-export business moved to the suburbs last summer, is being prepared for a tenant. In the real estate biz, the space has been "absorbed." I've always liked that term. Here's the space, and slurrrrrrp! It's gone. The door glass has been painted with a name -- a partnership sort of name, like Shortbread & Snuff -- and workmen are building out the space. Mostly, this means bouts of hammering and thumping. It was quiet today, however. Maybe the workmen had connived a way to spend the day on their backsides. Hope so.


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