Monday, April 05, 2004

Missouri blog.

April has opened colder than it ought to be, and I'm back in my office by day and my suburban hovel by night. Time to start posting again.

The high point of my short trip to Missouri last week wasn't the walking I did in downtown St. Louis or around the capitol in Jefferson City, or the Churchill Memorial in Fulton with its remarkable Wren church, or the good meals in an assortment of styles, or the panel discussion I moderated in the fine setting of the Missouri Athletic Club, or the peaceful confines of two moderately interesting hotels, or even the rare opportunity to see a movie (The Ladykillers) in a movie theater, though those were all fine things.

Better than all that was Missouri 94, at least the stretch from just outside Jeff City -- I heard it called that more than once while I was there -- eastward about two-thirds of the way to suburban St. Louis. I started off Saturday morning in Jeff City, and had a plane to catch in St. Louis in the afternoon, so I was a little pressed for time. But the day before I'd seen the Interstate that more or less connects St. Louis with the capital, and it had been a busy road that gave me a mild headache. I had a hunch that the two-lane state blacktop would be a better drive, and worth the risk of a missed flight.

I was right. Sometimes it was like being in a car commercial. More on that tomorrow.


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