Friday, March 19, 2004

MCI blog.

Normally I keep my office work out of this blog, but today I will make an exception, and offer up an edited version of an e-mail I sent recently. It doesn't really reflect on my employer, or even offer any information at all about my company, except that we have MCI as our phone provider. So I don't believe I'm violating any company rules.

Not long ago, our IT man asked me for a wish list of improvements to the phone service.

Sydney -
You asked for an MCI wish list a while ago. Here's mine:

1. That all former WorldCom execs do their time in unheated prison farms in North Dakota...


You know we want to pick up the other phones in the office without having to leave our own desks, but MCI prefers that we get up. Guess we'll live with that for now. MCI wants us to exercise, I guess.

1. Customized voice-mail greetings. That I would actually be able to record a message saying I'm out of the office, etc. The inflexible, one-greeting only system we have now was clearly designed by people looking to lighten their job loads, with no thought to end users in actual business settings.

2. Voice mail that I can access by calling in once and once only. About 80% of the time, the voice mail has to be called twice in rapid succession before I can access my mailbox.

3. If I pick up the phone and hesitate for all of five seconds or so, the most God-awful electronic noise emits from the receiver. BAB! BAB! BAH! BAH! BAH! BAH! I want this idiotic sound to go away, or at least wait half a minute or so before ringing in my ears.


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