Thursday, March 11, 2004

Elvis Cablog.

For days now, the weatherpeople have been atwitter about snow. Any snow in March must be more of a story than in February or January, but the weather hasn't obliged. We've only gotten a smattering of snow this week. Which isn't to say that it hasn't been windy and cold -- lows of 15 F predicted for the wee hours tonight. This only means that the long slog into Spring is under way, with Winter no more willing to give ground than the Japanese on Iwo Jima.

Got in a cab this morning, and a look at the license told me that the owner was the Elvis Cab Co. I forgot to check to see if that was written on the outside of the vehicle anywhere, but I don't think it was. The driver wasn't an Elvis impersonator. He was of Middle Eastern descent, but I don't see that as an obstacle to pursing greater Elvishood, which is open to all humanity. So he could have been. An Elvis cabbie might be a better fit in Las Vegas, however.

The cab took me to the Maggiano's in River North for a meeting. For a restaurant that's actually part of an enormous restaurant company -- Brinker Family Restaurants, which at last count had 1,400+ restaurants, including many Maggiano's -- this particular location does a decent simulation of a standalone restaurant, unlike Brinker's best-known brand, Chili's, which could never be mistaken for such. I've never been to a Chili's. I can't say why exactly, but maybe because somehow I've gotten the impression that I'm not missing much.


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