Thursday, March 04, 2004

A year later blog. Almost.

A short and early posting tonight, since I'm off the big event of the year in local commercial real estate, over at the Sheraton, and it will be a fairly late night. I don't expect it to be like last year, and probably not much to write about. I had a broken ankle then, and the war with Iraq was getting under way in earnest, with protestors out tying up traffic here and there downtown.

This year, the downtown Chicago streets are their normal congested selves. In fact, it's raining, so not many people are filling the sidewalks, much less the streets. My foot is well. Sometimes it reminds me of that icy encounter with the ground last March by aching a little. Sometimes the other foot aches, too, in about the same place -- must be out of sympathy.

I will note something I want to take up tomorrow. At the Volo Bog, one of the educational signs at the Visitors Center claimed that the word "bogeyman" evolved from the term bog. As in a creepy character who hangs out in bogs, away from upright townsfolk. I'm slack on my natural history, but I know a little something about words, and a red flag went up. After a brief investigation, I've come to the opinion that in this case the State of Illinois offered us some folk etymology.


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