Wednesday, April 14, 2004


It's getting warm. Not bad today, 70s F. by Friday. When I got home this evening, the family was out on the deck, and I sat with them for a while as the sun went down. In the park visible from our deck, boys practiced baseball under artificial lights as it grew darker, and overhead Venus appeared as the evening star. Lilly asked if it was Venus, and I said yes. That's my girl. It's too bad that light pollution washes out a lot of the night sky, but that's no reason not to know the objects that you still can see.

Yesterday I read some columns by my friend Ed in the on-line magazine, Motionsickness Magazine ( Ed, who just returned from New Zealand, and who'll be going to Easter Island soon, the lucky bastard. Writing as Ed Readicker Henderson, his latest column ("How to Go to Hell," in Issue 6) uses the occasion of him being paid to drive an RV from Anchorage to Seattle to reflect on the problems of traveling too comfortably, among other things. It's a nice piece of work.

Spot-on quote: "Time and again I meet people used to this ease making unreasonable demands on the world. Their perceptions have sped up, narrowed. I was recently on a boat watching killer whales jump all around us, and one man was loudly whining that they were too far away. And why the hell aren't the bears already on the beach when we get there?

"The less you travel with, the more open you are to the gifts of the world. The lightly burdened shall be saved. And going slowly, they will realize that all that the world asks is your attention. Give that, and you will be richly, richly rewarded.”


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