Monday, January 05, 2004

Frosty the Snowblog.

The snows of yesteryear? Luckily, they've melted. Otherwise we'd still be in the Ice Age. As for the snows of yesterday, they're still outside my window. A big snow was predicted for yesterday, and this time it came through. About half a foot. Though it didn't start until after sunrise -- I happened to be up then, and saw bare brown ground. A few hours after that, however, it was snowing hard, and did so until after nightfall.

Lilly and I did our share of playing in the snow, when I wasn't shoving the long driveway. We even took it upon ourselves to start a snowman, but in the end we had no aptitude for it. It was easy enough to build the first stage -- the lower mound -- whatever you call it. But then we started piling on snow for the second mound -- let's call it the thorax -- and all that happened was that the snow dribbled away, back to the lower mound. No amount of futzing and patting down the snow made the thorax assume the right shape, or any shape at all, so the dream of a three-tiered snowman remained elusive.

Maybe we don't have sticky enough snow, but I think maybe this really means that I'd be a failure as a Yankee. On the other hand, we did enjoy a nice little snowball fight. That's not hard.


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