Thursday, December 04, 2003

Bulb blog.

Rain today, so far, not snow. But perhaps we will awaken to some slushy, semi-solid conditions in the morning, though educated weather opinion seems to think it will be too warm (upper 30s) tomorrow for it to linger on the ground.

I didn't stray far from the office, anyway. It's a slushy process, sometimes, putting together a magazine. Practically the day's only diversion, and it was a very minor diversion, came in the form of a catalogue I got in the mail called Interlight, "Your Specialty Bulb Catalog."

"Stop Looking -- We've Got it All. Over 518,183 Bulbs in Stock." 518,183? Must have been an engineer for a copywriter. Less precise types would have written OVER HALF A MILLION BULBS! In any case, Edison's bulb has spawned a lot of descendants, from aircraft/airport bulbs to xenon bulbs. A moment to marvel at the fecundity of the light bulb universe.

It was addressed to the old magazine, Real Estate Chicago, so I guess an automated data miner picked us up on the automated assumption that we do property management, and so buy light bulbs. Close, but no cigar.


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