Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Mummy blog.

Clear and cold these early December days. But the weathermen are all atwitter at the prospect of the first real snow of the season, which could be soon.

Yuriko recently borrowed a pod of tapes from a friend of hers; all relatively new, English-language feature films. Well, only a few years old at most. Pictures I missed, mostly. Missed for good reason, some of them. Lilly's now able to sit through complete, non-animated movies, for better and worse (it would depend on the movie, I guess).

Earlier tonight Lilly was watching The Mummy -- not the '30s version, which I've seen -- but the later one, which I haven't. I looked in for a few minutes, and the glimpses I saw involved the requisite ghouls, sandstorms, and sinister-looking Semites, plus chase scenes, gunplay and some explosions.

She could do worse than earnest adventure movies. Videotapes more or less at random would seem to be the equivalent of someone my age watching movies, or parts of movies, on Saturday afternoons long ago.


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