Thursday, November 20, 2003

Christmas creep blog.

Not much of a blog today, since the day was long for various reasons, and sleep the night before was short, for various other reasons. It was almost warm today. Almost. The recent rains have made the grass green, too, for the moment. Hardly seemed like November, except that Christmas creep is under way. Decorations are creeping into stores; ambient Christmas music is creeping into the downtown air; there's even a radio station in town that has already converted into a Christmas music format.

The commercial decorations may have a merchandising rationalization, for what that’s worth. But I've even seen Christmas trees in the windows of a few houses. No excuse for that.

While I was blathering about Al Stewart this week, Lilly's sixth birthday came and went. For the day itself, she got a doll, a book and a toy railroad crossing signal -- a better toy than you might think. Also, cupcakes in advance of the real cake, which will be served this weekend at her party. It will be a simple occasion. Five or six girls, some games, cake and balloons, here at our house. Not bad, having your birthday close to Christmas but -- advertising notwithstanding -- not too close.


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