Sunday, January 02, 2005

The blogs of 05.

Happy New Year to all. 2005? A new number always seems a little strange, especially now that the turn of the century is quite a ways past. How did this happen? Where did all the 19-years go, anyway?

A stomach virus blew through the family over the extended weekend, but I’ll spare any readers any unpleasant details. It made for a crummy start of the year, but mostly we've recovered.

We were so tired on New Year’s Eve that we went to bed at around 10:30, all of us, but at least I woke when some neighbors—the high school girl across the street and some of her friends, I think—made some noise when midnight passed. I didn’t mind. It was a more satisfying way to mark the occasion than watching one’s own clock or TV, and I feel past the need to gather socially for the change in calendar, though I did that for years, in various time zones, and enjoyed it too.


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