Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Winter Solstice 04 blog.

No blogging till Boxing Day or so. Today seems like a good day to start a little vacation, the Winter Solstice –- not the “official” start of Winter, by the way, unless you can locate the office that made that decision. (It isn’t the National Weather Service, either.) Winter “starts” on December 1, if you have to have a date, and it will be practically forever before it’s over here near the Great Lakes.

I will never be able to top the Solstice in December 1991 when I boarded a plane in the Northern Hemisphere (Osaka), and about 13 hours later got off in the Southern Hemisphere (Sydney). From the shortest day to the longest, all in a day. I should have had some kind of mystical insight at that point, but I was just tired. And looking forward to skipping out on three weeks of winter in the North.


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