Monday, November 01, 2004

Keyes blog.

In converting to DSL at the house, I’m having some connectivity issues, so this will be short. I wasn’t planning on ranting about ATA’s poor on-time record anyway, just noting it. As far as my flights are concerned, they have a strange record – either, it seems, grossly late, or perfectly on time. Last week it was the latter, for want of a windshield wiper for the airplane. Eventually, we got another airplane, but it set us back about five hours.

Political note: I saw Alan Keyes in person pressing the flesh at Union Station this election eve. He was there with his wife (?), a volunteer staffer (?) and two guys holding Keyes for Senate signs. I don’t watch enough TV that I would have recognized him otherwise. If he had picked up a briefcase and wandered around the station, he would have blended in completely, as a natty but ordinary member of the black middle class.

I’ll say this for him -- I consider him the number-one quixotic candidate this year, more even than Ralph Nader or any libertarians or members of the Natural Law Party.


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