Monday, October 25, 2004

Avogadro’s blog.

Warmish weekend, following heavy rains on Friday night. On Saturday Lilly went to a birthday party factory in the guise of a bowling alley, for a friend’s seventh birthday. Actually, it probably is a bowling alley, most of the time. But on a Saturday afternoon, there were a lot of kids’ parties. And a lot of the gutters had rails (which I think were retractable) so that children wouldn’t have the self-esteem-crushing experience of a gutter ball. Sheesh.

Why in my day, a gutter ball was a gutter ball…

The Bowling Factory didn’t sell games, but time, so Lilly and her co-bowlers only got through about seven frames before they had to go to the party room for pizza and cake. I don’t think Lilly cared, but that approach bothered me. Chalk up another sheesh for the Bowling Factory. Still, Lilly got what she wanted from the party, first-grade entertainment, and I suppose the birthday girl did too, so can I complain? Of course I can, but not to Lilly.

Part of this evening’s dinner included "Avocado’s Number Guacamole," which we picked up at Trader Joe’s recently. An intellectual gag on every aisle at Trader Joe’s, but I think they do know their demographic. “Admittedly,” the box says, “there aren’t 6.0221367 x 10 (to the 23rd) avocados in here, but 5 plus avo’s [sic] isn’t bad!” No, not bad at all. In fact really good guacamole. Next to the mole of molé, probably.


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