Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ann writes a blog.

Distinctly cooler, much more like fall. We’re at the part-green, part-yellow-brown-red stage of things, days shorter, but blight blue skies. Busy day, so I didn’t go out in it much.

This evening Ann sat in my lap for a while at my desk, banging a little on the keyboard that I usually won’t let her touch. On the table next to my desk, I have a spare keyboard unconnected to anything, for her to bang on, but she doesn’t do that much any more. She must sense somehow that it’s a dummy. The real action is at the iMac.

Playing with the real keyboard didn’t last long, however, because she became too interested in the iMac’s on/off button, which glows green. I didn’t want her to push it repeatedly the way a toddler would, so I took her away from, over loud protests. Then she forgot about it, as toddlers do.

This is what she wrote:
C dwqzzAa`zz z ` zzz???


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