Friday, September 24, 2004

Quasi-summer blog.

Been warm all month, against all expectations when August ended. Reached about 80 F every day this week, which, when I could squeeze the time out of my workday, I enjoyed by walking around downtown.

Besides the warmth, there was the fringe benefit of running into a former co-worker, a fine chap I see only once a year or even less. This time around he told me he has a new son (four months old), his first child, and even showed me a picture of the baby on his cell phone.

Another day, I overheard as I passed two men walking near my office: “So, does your uncle have that taxidermist on speed-dial?”

One of them said that, and that was all I heard. The rest of the conversation couldn’t have been as interesting as that. Serendipitous eavesdropping.


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