Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Kid doc blog.

A visit to our new pediatrician this afternoon -- been putting off getting a new one closer to the new home long enough, even to the point of taking Ann for her last round of vaccinations to the old doc, which meant driving back to the old neighborhood. But the time had come for more shots, those associated with her first birthday, so I picked someone from our insurance list, and scheduled checkups for both girls.

I liked the place right away, since it was a smaller office than our previous place, and usually no one else was in the waiting room. There were four or five doctors in the previous practice, which was served by a large waiting room. Inevitably, there were a lot of kids in that waiting room, and I was certain they were all vectors of some disease to give my daughters. The new place is a two-doctor practice, anonymously located in a medical office building amid the strip centers that line Schaumburg's major roads.

(Medical office buildings are a significant submarket among office buildings, and unlike most other kinds, some are actually being developed these days. As a nation, we are getting older, and have always had hypochondriac tendencies anyway.)

The doctor was affable and well-spoken, which is pretty much what you want from a doctor. Had a grumpy nurse, though. She seemed to be slightly affronted that Lilly couldn't generate a urine sample when asked. That was a first for Lilly, and it was difficult to explain. She was also shy about letter the doctor examine her, but he'd obviously dealt a lot with reticent children, and was able to look at her without alarming her.

He was able, as doctors often are, to tell us what we already knew. Lilly is large for her age. Ann is small for hers. Both are healthy in other regards.


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