Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Zecks blog.

I shouldn't promise things in these postings. Today I was going to retell the story of how Mr. H lost an entire company’s profits on year, but I'm not going to get to it. To make things worse, I have an early big meeting tomorrow, a breakfast meeting. In some ways that's the worst kind of all. But I did manage to noodle off the following grafs during lunch today (it was much too cold to leave the office).

A collector of neologisms might take an interest collecting the terms being invented daily, make that hourly, so that spam can elude e-mail filters. I thought of this today as my morning ration of spam came into my mailbox, including one that had the subject line: "Guys boost good zecks into WILD zecks."

Now there’s a neologism with some sport to it. It sounds like a walk-on creature in Dr. Suess (the WILD nine-footed Zecks!); or the way Eva Gabor would have said "sex" to Eddy Arnold, had that been permissible on TV at the time ("zecks, daling"); or the decimal unit of an obscure currency (100 zecks = 1 quatloo).

A cursory search at, which taps into a number of on-line dictionaries, revealed no "zecks," though it did ask if I meant zek, "an inmate of a Soviet labor camp," a word which was probably brought to English via Solzhenitsyn. A decidedly unzecksy word.


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