Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Indian summer blog.

Warm enough today to walk home in the evening twilight without a coat or jacket of any kind. Tomorrow is supposed to be similar: maybe as warm as 80 F. This might count as Indian summer, or perhaps Native American Warming Interlude. If you use enough oblique terms, you know, historic injustices may not be righted, but at least you'll be able to feel virtuous.

Then again, I remember one definition of Indian summer as warm conditions after the first frost. It’s been fairly cold, but I don't think we've had that first frost yet. Flowers are still out, some of them, and most of the trees I see are still a shaggy green, though yellow and brown and a little red creep into the mix more and more every day. Popularly, though, this counts as Indian summer, so we can safely ignore Farmer’s Almanac definitions. Anyway, it's pleasant, and except for the burgeoning rat problem (see: garbage strike), Chicago is in fine fettle.


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