Thursday, September 25, 2003

Restroom Automation blog.

Another short blog. Not quite as busy today, and my head didn't hurt quite as much. But I can't remember the last time a night's sleep -- and I had a fairly good one last night -- that didn't completely get rid of a headache. Mine lingered on into the morning, and even a little now. I'll have to ascribe it to middle age.

Among the many press releases I've gotten recently, there was this (head and first paragraph only):

Mundelein, IL September 17, 2003 -- Technical Concepts in Mundelein, Illinois, a global leader in restroom automation, says more and more of its customers are discovering that touch-free fixtures restroom systems pay for themselves. Savings from reduced water and electric usage, and less maintenance add up to an average Return on Investment of 30% in commercial buildings.

It goes on for a page and a half. I don't know why the PR company sent this to me. It's far off on the periphery of commercial real estate, property management I guess, but nothing I would devote any space to. I suppose they wanted to expand their mailing list beyond the Journal of Toilet Technology, Bathroom Fixtures and the British W.C. Fortnightly.


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