Saturday, May 31, 2003

Mr. Saturday Night Blog.

You'd think there would be more time for blogging on the weekend, but no... maybe I will give it up on weekends. Lileks doesn't, why should I?

Another major storm blew through last night, this one punctuated by funnel clouds throughout the Chicago area, though as far as I know none of them touched down. At the height of the wind, several large branches came unmoored and fell to the street that runs beside our house. Large branches, meaning almost as long as I am tall, bearing a lot of new spring leaves. Would have punched some nice holes in the roof of this house that we are striving to sell, had they taken different paths.

It would have been only the latest in house mishaps this spring -- back in early April, when I still had my cast on, and when there was some slush on the ground, our garage door decided to break. A large horizontal break, all the way across, separating about a fifth of the door from the remainder. The door wouldn't open all the way, trapping the Sienna inside. Who knows how old that rotten wooden door was.

That meant I had to come outside, in the slush, a plastic bag rubber-banded around my cast, avoiding evil ice, to see what I could do. I had to scream at Lilly a few times not to stand under the door, since it was heavy and of unknown stability (it didn't collapse any more, but I don't regret screaming at her a bit). Eventually, I held up the broken section of the door like a momentary Atlas, and Yuriko was able to drive the Sienna out.

At least I knew a company that could be trusted to replace the door without difficulty. That they did, the next day, but it cost much gelt. Our gift to the next owners of the house, I guess. Times like that, the only way to feel is that it's one damn thing after another.


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