Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Energy blog.

I didn’t mention in the previous entry whether I’d actually opened up my free-sample can of Monster, which I was given recently at my commuter train station. The answer is, not yet. In this case, I’m more interested in the package than the contents. I’m even less inclined to open it after reading what my nephew Sam, currently in St. Louis, had to say about it.

“As you know [he writes], during the year I pull considerably more than my fair share of all-nighters due to my status as an architecture student, and poor time-management skills. I have thus had several opportunities to experiment with the various caffeine-soaked energy drinks out there -- Bawls (my favorite mostly due to the deep cerulean glass bottle), Blue Ox (clearly inspired by the former), Monster, Red Bull, etc. -- and have found that Monster is the worst of the lot.

“It tastes absolutely terrible, and while it keeps you awake, it strings you out.... to use an apt quote, it makes you feel sort of thin, like butter spread over too much bread. In any case, after a few Monster-driven nights I decided to give up energy drinks in order to save my sanity. I doubt they'll ever hire me as a spokesman.”

Me either. Ginseng may be what Sam objects to most in the taste of Monster. Over the years I’ve tried ginseng in various forms, mostly in drinks but also as candy, especially on my trip to Korea, where it’s ubiquitous. I don’t spit it out as vile, but I’ve never quite liked it either, and for someone with a selective palate, it might be too pungent.

Anyway, I don’t need “energy” drinks. I’ve got tea at the office, and a toddler at home, to keep me awake.


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