Monday, June 07, 2004

Summertime, and the blogging is easy.

Not really, since it’s late and the day was entirely too busy. My magazine has disappeared, but I still have plenty to do in the trade journalism mills. Still, it’s better, much better, than looking for a job.

I’d say that the odds are slim that I’ll see the Transit of Venus tomorrow. Since I’m not equipped for it here at home, I’d have to get up at about four a.m., drive downtown to the Adler Planetarium, and use their equipment. Other people will be doing this, though I’d be surprised if vast numbers, or even a small crowd, will be on the shore of Lake Michigan to witness the event. Chicago’s position on the Earth means that the Transit will be about four-fifths done by the time the Sun rises tomorrow.

I tell myself I should go. Capt. Cook and his men went all the way around the world in wooden ships to see the Transit. But they were made of sterner stuff, for sure. Not only that, they got shore leave in Tahiti. I’d just have to go to my office after it was over.



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