Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Migrating blog.

I try to see some odd detail or other every day, but it didn’t work out that way today. Today amounted to an ordinary summer day, except for one thing. There was a short but heavy rainstorm here in the northwest suburbs the afternoon. The family was here and told me about it, and the puddles were still around when I got home. I spent the whole day downtown, where it didn’t rain at all. It wasn't even very cloudy. Not that it would have affected me, up on 17th floor, working on an article, getting the office ready for the painters, and waiting for the DHL man to pick up some equipment that I needed to ship to New York.

One other thing to report, but it’s about the resident toddler, so may not be of interest to everyone. We’re reached period in the history of every household with children in which random objects mysteriously migrate across a room, or from room to room, or worse. The other day, I went to the downstairs bathroom, and discovered elements of a children’s plastic tea set, which usually resides in the toy collection in the next room, floating in the toilet. Usually we put the lids down – that’s a safety measure for people younger than about 1,000 days – but this time it must have been up, and Ann took the opportunity and ran with it.

Lilly, of course, did the same thing, once upon a time. To this day I suspect that the long-missing remote control, originally equipment on our TV, was deposited by a young Lilly in a trash can, never to be seen again.


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