Sunday, August 24, 2003

Doughnut blog.

One of these Sundays I'm going to make it Daylight Donuts, which I've seen driving by several times now. Mainly, I like the name. Besides, it's good to support your local doughnateur. This morning, we went to Country Donuts instead, which is closer than Daylight. Not bad. They were doing a bust-up business, too, so the chains haven't squeezed all of the locals out.

I've read that in greater Los Angeles, the doughnut business is largely run by Cambodian emigre families. The nationals can't compete, because of the high quality of the product and the low cost of family labor. When I was in Orange County for a few days in mid-2001, I casually investigated the doughnut situation, and saw few -- no -- national chains, but a fair number of independents in strip centers. Of those I entered, the doughnuts were uniformly good, and the staff always Asian, though I didn't poll any of them to see if they were Cambodian, first or second generation.

Going to Indianapolis again tomorrow, so the blogging will pick up Wednesday or Thursday.


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