Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Microblogging ahead.

A period of short blogs to follow. The May/June issue of Real Estate Chicago is in production, and we are packing worldly possessions in boxes, to deal with clutter issues in advance of putting our house on the market. I have a nagging feeling that The Move will soon consume my waking non-working hours.

That, and the basement has been seeping lately. This complicates efforts to put packed boxes down there. More rain is predicted for tomorrow.

That, and I still have to feed the maw of GlobeSt.com with freshly edited commercial real estate articles every business day.

That, and I have a short bid’ness trip next week — to the New York office to meet with management.

So far this week it has been warm enough to wander around downtown without any kind of coat or even light jacket, and my formerly broken foot is happy, so I spend as much time as work allows on the streets of downtown Chicago, typically at lunchtime with the throngs of other walkers. It’s now Spring, finally, at last, at long last, after endless, interminable, never-ending Winter. It’s like getting out of jail.

Spring is indeed the cruelest month, for expatriate Southerners in the North: mainly because it doesn’t start on time, that is, in early April at the latest. Even now, in May, it could get as low as the 40° F.

Beginning tomorrow, I will take up the short subject of Minis, Maseratis, and Trabants.


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