Thursday, April 17, 2003

Maunday Blogday.

NO BLOG UNTIL EASTER MONDAY. A lot will be going on between now and then — further getting the house ready for the market, a visit to Holy Nativity, another Easter egg hunt & a pleasant (I hope) Easter lunch, plus visits to a dentist and a doctor or two. I’ll be losing the cast on Monday. Not a moment too soon.

Tomorrow, we will be out & about in north-central Illinois, looking for the Eternal Indian. More on that next week.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, I saw more than just the ship Achille Lauro (see yesterday’s blog). But I couldn’t remember exactly what, so I consulted my journal for the trip and came up with the following:

“Interesting collection, but the most interesting exhibit was Spin the Wheel, a video-based exhibit. You spin a wheel, and it chooses a bizarre clip from Australian TV for you to watch… and so I saw an Australian commercial, vintage late ’50s or early ’60s to judge by the hair, etc., for a kind of Cadbury candy bar I’d never heard of. A boy, luckless with girls, eats some of the candy and as a consequence, gets to dance with and even kiss a girl. Not so strange for a commercial. But each time he takes a bite from the candy bar — three times I think — an old-style toot whistle (animated) grows out of the top of his head and toots loudly.

“This was unexpected and quite funny. Probably the image lingered longer in people’s memories than the candy or the boy. ‘Remember the bloke with the whistle on his head?’ ”


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